Why I think Windows 10 can be popular

Yesterday, 30. 9. 2014, was held a press conference, where Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore introduced new version of Windows. I didn’t expect much, but Microsoft definitely suprised me.

I won’t judge what is the biggest change or what new functionality will bring better feeling to all users, but I will talk about things, that make Windows 10 interesting to me.

Windows 10 – name, that broke the line

The name is a surprise to everyone. Everybody guessed it will be Windows 9. Well, the marketing team did something unexpected and now we have Windows 10. Terry Myerson explained it at the press conference and I actually like the way they came to this name. No need to think about it.

Logo Windows 10

The return of Start

Classic topic, which is talked about since introducing Windows 8. I don’t want all screen taken by Start menu, but I also don’t want to use third-party tools to simulate classic Start from Windows 7.

I like the new Windows 10 start menu, which combines the best from Windows 7 and Windows 8. Live tiles also means a pretty big option for customization.

Multiple workspace support

Finally! It is extremly addictive way of using PC. Whena I had to switch back from Linux to Windows, I really missed this functionality. Again, I do not want to use third-party tools.

I am pretty curious how it will behave on multiple monitors. Can I switch only one monitor? Or both? I am looking forward to trying that.

Splitting the screen to four

Windows 7 splitted the screen to halves, Window 10 has four tiles. That means better window management.

Universal apps

It will be possible to run Modern UI apps in classic windows. I am not a Windows 8 user, so I can’t say about it anything more. But possibility to run those apps in normal mode instead of fullscreen only is good feature.

Hotkeys in command prompt

Anothr big “Hurray!” from my side. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, text selection… I am glad it will work just like in any other application.

Another improvements

Windows 10 offers another improvements to devices, which can work like notebooks and tablets – after disconnecting the mouse and keyboard, the systems asks if it should switch to tablet mode. The application switching was improved too.

I am sure I forgot something what was mentioned at the press conference, but I think that would be beyond boundaries of this post.

You can watch the press conference on Youtube:

What do you think, can Microsoft convicne users of older versions to switch to Windows 10?