Trello – Organize your time using lists

When I was searching for a way how to organize my daily tasks, I’ve found an article from John Someze “My Secret To Ridiculous Productivity”, where he describes his experience with Pomodoro technique and the way he uses Trello for planning his week in Pomodoro units.

I’ve tried his way of doing things for about two weeks. Hovever I’ve found out that Pomodoro isn’t the right technique for me – interrupting my flow of thoughts during coding was really distracting and I ended without taking breaks anyway.

But still, something form those two weeks lasted – way of organizing the tasks.

Trello – universal task manager

Trello is really useful tool for managing various lists and it can be easily used as a base of electronic task-list. After login, you can create Boards while each board can contain one or more lists.

Each list can hold any amount of items – to which you can set color tags, add checklists, dates, attachments; you can move them between different lists or you can comment them.

Beacuse of that, Trello is almost ideal tool for planning work or home tasks. Further more – you can share boards with another people and assign them to the tasks, so you can plan some team tasks. Or you can create family shopping list and use Trello mobile app in the shop 😉

How do I use Trello

Just like John Somez, each Monday morning consists of preparing task list fot the week. Tasks get labeled depending on difficulty ant then are moved to some day in the week.

Actual day in Trello
Actual day in Trello

I always try to get a list which is made of alternating difficult and easy tasks and which will fulfil my time expectations. So in the end I have prepared todo-today for a week in advance. If I can’t finish my daily goal (not completing some task), the list is modified in the following morning.

What is the difference between my approach and John’s?

Compared to John, I don’t assign tags to the tasks by the time I need for their completion, but I give them color based on the amount of mental strength needed to finish the task. There can be a task which will be difficult and it will take only twenty minutes, but there can be a task which will take a full workday but it will be fun to do.

My goal is to fulfill my expectations of finisehd tasks every week, but also alternate the mental load. Then I can feel relaxed even if I had just completed some unpleasant tasks.

Still looking for ideal work approach

Even though organizing using Trello is the best solution I found up till now, I still feel my workflow is missing something. So I am going to experiment with different possible approaches to GTD an I will be glad if you can leave a comment with some tips what to try next time.